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Our extremely satisfied clients include some of the most powerful Fortune 500 Companies, most successful mid-size corporations and fastest growing entrepreneurial endeavors. We also provide exceptional programs to a variety of military & police organizations, government agencies, multiple educational institutions, and many of the best-known philanthropic organizations in the world. Clients also include some of the most successful college and professional athletes and sports teams.

Corporations & Nonprofits

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All Branches of the U.S. Military

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Students & Faculty at Colleges & Universities

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Federal, State & City Government Agencies, Police & Fire Departments

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Professionals, Collegiate & High School Sports Teams

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Serving Businesses Across All Industries

Auto Manufacturing
Medical Device
Film & TV

Real Estate Management
Tech Companies
Food Manufacturing
Fast Food
Oil & Gas

Machinery Manufacturing
Research & Development
Warehouse & Storage

Recent Clients Include


What They're Saying...

ptb_0004_ricoh Who We Serve
Best exercises and instructor I have ever seen!

Laura Kistinger March 8, 2016

ptb_0003_jj-1 Who We Serve
Thank you. AWESOME!

Patrick O'Rourke March 8, 2016

ptb_0002_farmers Who We Serve
Full of energy... it was such a rewarding experience.

Marilyn Stondt March 9, 2016

ptb_0001_vivendi-1 Who We Serve
Your program was the highlight of our event.

Mike Litowkin March 9, 2016

ptb_0000_lomalinda-1 Who We Serve
You guys ROCK!!! It was AWESOME.

Eddie Broda March 9, 2016

edison-small-logo Who We Serve
Thank you for exceeding our expectations!

Susan Shoemaker March 9, 2016

walking-co-small-logo Who We Serve
What a great time, everyone is still buzzing!

Deana Fautt March 9, 2016

colgate-small-logo Who We Serve
The Best!

Ali Toubat March 9, 2016

verizon-small-logo Who We Serve
Exceptional Event! Exceptional.

Diane Graham March 9, 2016

westlake-small-logo Who We Serve
It was really a life changing experience for many of our people.

Maria Ventura March 9, 2016

Trusted by those seeking the Extraordinary...

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 Who We Serve
 Who We Serve

Five Star Excellence... A+ Quality....

canonical-logo-small Who We Serve
Thank you so much. You have boundless energy. People are still talking about being "pumped". I'm certain everyone will remember this event for years to come.

Claire Davis March 9, 2016

booz-allen_small-logo Who We Serve
We have heard nothing but good things about the event. Thank you and your crew for an energetic and exciting experience.

Dave Trynovich March 9, 2016

adg-lighting-logo-small Who We Serve
This event was powerful. Ready to conquer the world.

Gerald Olesker March 9, 2016

planet-mini-disc-logo-small Who We Serve
What an incredible event! Unlocking the power of your mind is an amazing and powerful thing that can allow you to overcome any obstacle you might face in life.

David Karon March 9, 2016

ats-logo-small Who We Serve
Awesome team building retreat!

Haley Fagan March 9, 2016

shurgard-logo-small Who We Serve
The memories and knowledge we gained from our event was a gift in itself. Two weeks later I’m still getting calls and emails from all of my co-workers telling me what a great time they had. You and your staff were amazing.

Kristy Thomas March 9, 2016

performance-composits-logo-small Who We Serve
Very fun! I am more aware of emotions and energy in my work and day to day interactions. Life changing experience.

Francis Hu March 9, 2016

enviro-aqua-logo-small Who We Serve
Awesome Event. Lifetime experience. Just awesome.

Tony Moradian March 9, 2016

creanspeak-logo-small Who We Serve
This was one of the most powerful and unforgettable events in my life--I have never gone through such a stretch of emotions in such a short time. Thank you for the breakthroughs!

Kelly Crean March 9, 2016

lionsgate-logo-small Who We Serve
Thank you! We had an amazing time. Your team and your service exceeded our expectations. To be honest, I was a little skeptical because I found your company on the internet, did not have a personal referral, and had less than a week to put together a program. You came to our rescue in the most professional and fun way. Our staff speaks of your staff and they say how courteous, helpful and energetic they all were. Thanks for making our team building experience a success!

Tuanni Hill March 9, 2016

More Happy Clients Include...

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 Who We Serve
 Who We Serve

Survey says... Exceptional, Extraordinary, Outstanding...

yeo-oc-logo-small Who We Serve
I have to say, in the 7 years I've been in YEO it ranks firmly as THE BEST local chapter event I have ever been to.

Jason Niedle March 9, 2016

spohn-ranch-logo-small Who We Serve
This was an incredible and unforgettable event! We learned how to do things I never thought possible.

Kirsten Bradford March 9, 2016

musical-chairs-logo-small Who We Serve
Incredible amount of fun. I absolutely loved the event. Thanks a million. Would recommend it highly. Great take home value, unique and fun. A winner!

Brad Schy March 9, 2016

saveon-video-logo-small Who We Serve
10 out of 10!!! When the event was over my energy level was so high. I felt like I could conquer the world. Exceptional and unforgettable!!!

Bryan Merjan March 9, 2016

rightsline-logo-small Who We Serve
One of the best events that I've ever been to!

Russell Reeder March 9, 2016

sandals-logo-small Who We Serve
Thank you so much! Phenomenal!!

Terry Farnham March 9, 2016

eo-logo-small Who We Serve
Just terrific. Beyond expectations.

Adam Glickman March 9, 2016

amgen-logo-small Who We Serve
I had such positive feedback after our event - many said it was the best teambuilding they'd ever been to. I think Professional Teambuilding does a fabulous job. Congratulations on another successful event!

Val Moore March 9, 2016

wyeth-logo-small Who We Serve
We really appreciate your exceptional follow through. Thanks a million.

Larry Kelly March 9, 2016

watson-small-logo Who We Serve
Simply FABULOUS! Keep up the good work.

Ruth Chasen March 9, 2016

Repeat clients love to refer us to friends...

logobank-3-v2 Who We Serve

 Who We Serve
 Who We Serve

Always Beyond Extraordinary...

loebloeb-logo-small Who We Serve
Three Cheers, Hats off... My group came back higher than a kite!

Cecilia Toll March 9, 2016

redding-rancheria-logo-small Who We Serve
GREAT STUFF!!! Thank you so much!

Ena Myers March 9, 2016

earthlink-logo-small Who We Serve
Simply the best event ever!

Yuka Isayama March 9, 2016

translyvania-imports Who We Serve
Exceptionally entertaining and enlightening, all at the same time.

Michael Machat March 9, 2016

pps-logo-small Who We Serve
This event was over the top fun. Terrific and profound event.

Jay Janov March 9, 2016

gm-logo Who We Serve
Thanks a million. It really was GREAT!

Marcy Fogard March 9, 2016

smiths-aerospace-logo-small Who We Serve
Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great day. We had a very productive discussion on objectives for the next 12 months, and I'm convinced the activities added more energy and passion to the discussion. Thanks again.

Michael Coburn March 9, 2016

activision-small-logo Who We Serve
This course forced very confident sales folks out of their comfort zones and made them believe in themselves in a bigger way. No other type of experience would have led to such a motivational breakthrough in working together as a team for accomplishments that could not happen with just hard work and individual achievement.

Maria Stipp March 9, 2016

kenwood-logo-small Who We Serve
An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!

Rick Noetzli March 9, 2016

Unleashing the Power of Human Potential™

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Our goal is to provide you with powerful, exciting, results focused events your team will never forget.

We look forward to giving you the extraordinary expertise, high quality and personalized service our clients appreciate so much.

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