Popular Corporate Team Building

Thrill your team with fun, exciting, and unique team building experiences designed to build trust, confidence and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity and increased effectiveness.

From extraordinary trust-building & bonding experiences to content-rich team development programs, your team building activity and event will be custom designed with your results in mind.

With unforgettable themes and one of a kind activities, you can be sure your team will be amazed, inspired and entertained while learning cutting edge skills, tools, insights and abilities to make you more effective, efficient and productive.


Explore our philanthropic and charity team building experiences designed to build trust, confidence, and teamwork while improving communication, productivity and effectives. Every event will leave you feeling the joy of making a meaningful impact in the lives of children, the elderly, Veteran, and many others in your community and around the globe.

Team Masterpiece™

Imagine a unique team building experience where your team can learn, bond, and grow while creating something meaningful, beautiful enduring. Team Masterpiece™ is a teambuilding experience built around painting. Get ready to work together, unleash your creativity and discover the keys to communication and team work.

Team Titanic™ - Doing the Impossible

In this amazing team building activity our team has embarked on the maiden voyage of the "unsinkable" Titanic. You have struck an iceberg and the ship is taking on water. It's up to you to save the ship, the crew and the passengers from an unthinkable fate. Working together against time and the odds, your team must find a way to save the day.

The Great Team Adventure™

One of the most popular team building events we offer. An unforgettable series of interactive team challenges where together you do the seemingly impossible and save the day while learning a variety of skills, insights and new abilities.

Team Survive the Zombie Apocalypse™

You and your team are trapped in a room with zombies hell-bent on eating your brains. As time passes the chains and doors holding them back give way. To survive you must work together and do it quickly, before time runs out.

Team Racing™

It's up to you and your team to choose and build your car, prep it for the races, and ultimately work together towards the spotlights in the winners circle. Every member of the group contributes to the ultimate success of your racing team.

Team Break Through

One of the most powerful, unique and exciting motivational, teambuilding & leadership experiences imaginable. Break through a solid wooden board with your bare hands. Learn that every barrier gives way, every obstacle can be overcome and every challenge has a solution.

Team Break Through Extreme™

Imagine the thrill & excitement of the Board Break Through Experience™ with the added challenge of fire. Become unstoppable as you learn that no barrier can prevent you from achieving your most important goals.

Unleashing The Fire Within™ - Corporate Firewalk

Imagine what your team will achieve once you have literally walked through fire together. Your corporate “firewalk” will include an opportunity for each of your team members to storm across a bed of red-hot coals, an unforgettable experience your team will talk about for years to come.

Team Apollo- Mission to the Moon™

Your mission -- land on the moon and return safely to earth while working together to plan and execute every aspect of the mission. No matter what the challenge, you will learn the tools and skills to achieve what was previously thought impossible.

Secret Agent Training™

Become an unstoppable team of secret agents trying to save the world. You will master zip lines, high wires, paintball battles, recon missions and hostage rescue missions.

Team Genius™

Are you ready to take the challenge? Mind benders, puzzles, codes, riddles, and every variety of tests will challenge your team to work together and harness the power of your intelligence, determination, creativity and more.

Outdoor Team Adventure™

Enjoy the great outdoors having fun and working together as a team to overcome physical obstacles, solve problems and achieve team goals. Activities can include "Team Escape from the Tangled Web™," "The Ultimate Journey of Trust™," "Save the World - Island Escape™" and more.

Ropes Course Experience™

Prepare for unforgettable thrills, trust and bonding as you walk across high wires, leap to the trapeze, fly through the air on the "zip line", and learn that together your team can achieve at levels you never even imagined.

Slaying the Dragon™

The kingdom is in peril! It’s time for you and your team to band together. Collect materials; learn new and powerful skills that will ultimately let you overcome all challenges! Can you defeat the dragon and bring peace and prosperity to the kingdom?

Team Magic of Music™

If your team can master this challenge you will create extraordinary music together. Music is a powerful and ancient force that feeds rhythm and emotion into our lives. Harmony and synchronicity means doing the right thing at the right time in the right order. If your team can master this challenge, you will create extraordinary music together!

Team Improv™

Through a series of exciting improvisational games, exercises & challenges, you will harness the ability to be spontaneously creative. Team Improv™ will open your mind to the limitless possibilities, breaking you out of your patterns of thought, and honing the ability to explore and develop any idea to its fullest.

Team DaVinci™

Secret societies, hidden messages, puzzles & codes, master works of art, powerful inventions and a race against time. Will the Mona Lisa smile on you or will this be The Last Supper? You and your team must work together to overcome all challenges and to become masters of the code.

Team Treasure Hunt™

The adventure builds when you receive your treasure map and your first clue. Time is ticking. If the pirates return for their treasure before you find it, there’s no telling what might happen.

Team Firefighter™

Some people run from problems, other take them head on. We call these people firefighters. We call them heroes. Experience an unforgettable test of teamwork and determination as your team trains for and faces a variety of “firefighter” challenges.

Team Construction Zone™

Through our Team Construction Zone™, Built-it™ projects, your team will work together to design and build a variety of structures that will require communication, problem solving and time management so you can finish on time and on budget. Tons of hands-on fun.

Team Idol™

Who on your team will be the world's next singing sensation? Find out with in this exciting team event where you work together to produce your own music videos while competing for the coveted title of Team Idol™.

Team Dream of Flight™

It weren’t for dreams mankind would still be on the ground. The wonder of flight has taken us to places we could never have imagined. Let us take you on a journey where your team will soar to new heights!

Unleash the Hero Within™

There’s a hero within each of us waiting to be unleashed. The bigger the challenge the bigger the hero. Imagine what you will accomplish together when you feel unstoppable. Cultivate your teams’ unique super powers and learn that together you can overcome any foe!


True Leaderhsip™ - School Programs™

Provide your students with the tools and skill that will allow them to create a compelling future filled with certainty connection a purpose. Each program is customized and tailored to the needs of your students and teachers.

True Leadership™- Youth & Teens

Imagine what our kids would accomplish if they had self-confidence, respect for others, and an unshakeable feeling of connection as well as an unwavering belief that anything is possible. It all starts here.


Seminars & Keynotes

Learn more about our most popular seminar and keynote topics. Our seminars and keynotes provide you with the most powerful and transformative information and resources to unleash the power within your leaders and your teams.

Client Bonding Events

Clients who are truly bonded with you, who have had fun with you, and who have shared unforgettable experience together will want to do business with you. Participate with your clients in dozen of custom experience designed to push your mental, physical, and emotional limits together to produce camaraderie that’s unshakable.

Executive Coaching

Successful people in business, sports, politics, and the military have always sought the advice and guidance of the best coaches. Collaborate and learn how to achieve your dreams and goals while overcoming any barriers or obstacles in your way. The right coach can inspire and guide you to achieve the extraordinary.


If you can dream it we can build it. Choose any activity in the world and our team of experts, leaders and facilitators will build powerful experience around it. Your custom event will be designed to drive the skills, tools, and insights that will unleash unlimited potential within your team.