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Professional Teambuilding provides your team the most powerful corporate team building events, team building seminars, team building activities and team building workshops available at your venue or ours in Ohio, throughout the United States & around the world.

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Whether your business is located in Ohio or you are planning an offsite in the The Buckeye State, Professional Teambuilding will help you make your event a success.

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Facts about Ohio
A Great Team Building Location

Ohio was the first and eastern-most state admitted to the Union under the Northwest Ordinance. Ohio is an Iroquois word meaning "great water." The name refers to the Ohio River that forms its southern border. Ohio claims the first chewing gum in 1869, and the first hot dog in 1900.

Ohio, the Buckeye State, received its nickname because of the many buckeye trees that once covered its hills and plains. The name itself is of native origin. Because the markings on the nut resembled the eye of a buck, the Indians called it "hetuck" or "buckeye." But there may be another reason. William Henry Harrison, a Virginia-born Ohioan and military hero, was a candidate for the White House, but his opponents often commented not too kindly that he was better suited to sit in a log cabin and drink hard cider. Making a positive reference, they dubbed him "the log cabin candidate," and chose as his campaign emblem a log cabin made of buckeye timbers, with a long string of buckeyes decorating its walls. The campaigns were successful. "Old Tippecanoe," as Harrison was often called, beat President Martin Van Buren, and thereafter the buckeye was closely associated with the state of Ohio.

Other interesting Ohio facts:

The Y Bridge in Zanesville was first built in 1814 to span the confluence of the Licking and Muskingum Rivers. The current bridge is the fifth construction at the same location. "Ripley's Believe It or Not" proclaimed it the only bridge in the world which you can cross and still be on the same side of the river.

Famous people from Ohio include:

Neil Armstrong - first astronaut to walk on the moon; born in Wapakoneta.
Daniel Beard - Founded the Boy Scouts of America; born in Cincinnati.
Halle Berry - Famous Actress; born in Cleveland.
Drew Carey - Actor, Writer, Comedian; born in Cleveland.
Thomas Edison - Only American inventor with more than 1,000 patents; born in Milan.
Clark Gable - Actor known for his role in Gone with the Wind; from Cadiz.
James A. Garfield - The 20th President of the United States; born in Cuyahoga County.
John Glenn - The first American to orbit the Earth; born in Cambridge
Ulysses S. Grant - The 18th President of the United States; born in Point Pleasant.
Zane Grey - Western novel author; born in Zanesville.
Arsenio Hall - Actor and former late-night talk show host; born in Cleveland
Warren G. Harding - The 29th President of the United States; born near Marion.
Benjamin Harrison - 23rd President of the United States; born near Cincinnati.
Rutherford B. Hayes - The 19th President of the United States; born in Delaware, Ohio.
Bob Hope - Actor/Dancer/Singer/Comedian/Entertainer; Grew up in Cleveland.
William McKinley - The 25th President of the United States; born in Niles.
Paul Newman - actor, Cleveland
Jack Nicklaus - golfer, Columbus
Annie Oakley - Sharpshooter and entertainer. She performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.
Jesse Owens - Winner of four gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympic Games; lived in Cleveland.
Judith Resnik - Astronaut. She was the second American woman to go into space; born in Akron.
Eddie Rickenbacker - aviator, Columbus
Pete Rose - Baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds that broke the all-time hitting record in 1985; born in Cincinnati.
William Sherman - General of the Civil War that led “Sherman’s March” through Georgia destroying Southern hope; born in Lancaster.
Steven Spielberg - Director of E.T., Schindler’s List, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and many other famous movies; born in Cincinnati.
Gloria Steinem - feminist, Toledo
R.L. Stine - Author of the popular Goosebumps series; native of Bexley.
William Howard Taft - The 27th President of the United States; born in Cincinnati.
Ted Turner -broadcasting, Cincinnati
Wilbur Wright & Orville Wright - Brothers who invented the first airplane; born in Indiana and Dayton respectively.
Cy Young - baseball player, Gilmore

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